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Monday, May 25, 2015

Colour Measurement and Eskom "Load Shedding"

South Africans will know that Load Shedding is our local quaint name for planned unplanned power failures. How does this effect you?

If you are a user of our Konica Minolta CM3600d or A Series Bench Tops or the Konica Minolta CM-5 Bench top spectrophotometers, how does this affect you?

Typically, if a PC and software is involved, surge protection and a UPS system will be required in any case. The CM-5 range however can work as stand alone models using their own firmware, but again as they are mains powered, a UPS system is recommended. This is more to protect the instrument from power surges than anything else, as UPS system are expensive and their useable working time is often quite short.

As it seems that the power issue is here for quite some time, we have another option: Both Bench Top Instrument types have portable hand held versions as well, which run on batteries. Contrary to what some may believe, the quality of these portables are of the highest standard, with specifications similar to that of their bench top versions. You can confirm both the CM3600d and CM-5 portable version specifications by comparing the catalogues of both versions.

The number of estimated measurements on battery is quite good, well enough for the two hour load shedding periods. An AC mains adaptor is also available for the portables should you wish to save a bit on battery life during normal power supply hours.

We have a number of customers who happily mix Bench Top and Portable in the same circle of application, and you have the added benefit of Field (At the customer) measurements as well.

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