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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Despite the brilliance of the human mind, and that sight is so natural for us, few know how colour perception actually works.

#TheDress is a good example.

Forgetting the technical niceties of how the eye works to gather spectral data and light, the mind decides what you "See". Eye witness evidence is easily contradicted if several eye witnesses to the same incident are questioned separately.

In short, the mind may or may not make use of the data supplied by the eyes when deciding the "Best" course of action at the time. Ask your wife next time she has her hair coloured, and you don't notice. The mind registers the "Wife" file and does not bother to update a "Known" object. Women may have better eye for detail, but su fer  rom the s ame pro lem.

(Did you fill in the gaps madam?)

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